The Premium Residency Center of Saudi Arabia has provided details regarding the specific areas of expertise that qualify individuals for Special Talent Residency

The center’s online platform highlighted that this residency category is aimed at professionals in scientific, administrative, and research fields possessing exceptional skills and experiences. These individuals are expected to enhance local capabilities and facilitate the exchange of expertise. Saudi Arabia, in its pursuit of attracting top-notch minds and talents globally to reside and contribute to the nation’s development, creativity, and human resource investment, endeavors to ensure the well-being and support of expatriates benefiting from this residency category within Saudi society.

The eligible specializations for obtaining Special Talent Residency include Healthcare and life sciences, digital technologies, financial services, advanced manufacturing, space and defense, energy and circular economy, metals and mining, logistics and transport, tourism infrastructure, and technologies in food and agriculture. Additionally, various categories in research and innovation encompass space and aviation, environment, water and agriculture, energy, materials and production, health, urban transformation, logistics, and digital technologies.



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